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  • Torino – “Delle Alpi” Stadium


    The Stadio delle Alpi in Turin has an an elliptical plan, three orders of stands disposed along the major sides of the stadium leaving two openings on the centerline of the curves. The roof panels are supported by columns anchored to the ground and joined with a ring of six steel cables. The coverage of … Continue reading »

  • Publications

    A) Scientific publications Degree thesis: “Coperture sospese. Indagine teorica : fune portante e fune stabilizzante con collegamenti inclinati”. “Tension Structures: Jawerth System”, Acciaio-Steel, no. 4, 1971. “Tensostrutture”, INARCOS, No. 313, January 1972. “Coperture a tenda in acciaio e tessuto ad alta resistenza. Aspetti della progettazione ed esempi di realizzazione”,  Acciaio-Steel, no. 12, 1975. “Geometrical configuration … Continue reading »