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  • Publications

    A) Scientific publications Degree thesis: “Coperture sospese. Indagine teorica : fune portante e fune stabilizzante con collegamenti inclinati”. “Tension Structures: Jawerth System”, Acciaio-Steel, no. 4, 1971. “Tensostrutture”, INARCOS, No. 313, January 1972. “Coperture a tenda in acciaio e tessuto ad alta resistenza. Aspetti della progettazione ed esempi di realizzazione”,  Acciaio-Steel, no. 12, 1975. “Geometrical configuration … Continue reading »

  • Bologna – Carmen Longo Swimmingpool

    014 Cantiere

    The conceptual design was developed in order to optimize the design requirements and to comply with the existing architectural constraints. A typological solution was adopted of a retractable roof consisting of the following steel sub structures: – a main support longitudinal beam; – a system of transversal reinforced beams; – a system of mobile and … Continue reading »