Connection over the Strait of Messina

Prospettiva basso - Pilone

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Sweden – Bridge over the river Oxhalssundet


Railway and cycling-pedestrian bridge. Cable-stayed structure with inclined columns and high resistant closed steel spiral cables. The planking is essentially formed by two longitudinal beams composed of two box girders of S355 steel sheet of variable shapes. Pdf Document

Sassuolo – Footbridge over the river Secchia


The work in question is structured as a 5 span cable stayed bridge, 3 with spans of 40 metres and two of 20 metres, for a total of 160 metres, supported by 4 intermediate yards and by two extremity shoulders. The larger spans are supported, near the centre line, by 2 sets of cables, each … Continue reading »

Ravenna – Mobile bridge


1st category mobile bridge with two lanes and external pavements; closed bridge span: not less than 50 metres; open bridge intrados = 2.40 – 3.00 metres a.s.l. (average variation for tide h=0 .60 metres; 1.20metres maximum) for small boat traffic; maximum dimension of the units that can sail in the stretch of the Candiano channel … Continue reading »

Pesaro – Footbridge over the river Foglia

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The bridge with a span of about 100 metres, connects the two banks of the Foglia river, making a connection possible on the cycling-pedestrian path, between the areas of Tombaccia and Miralfiore. The conceptual choice is the one of a bridge with reticular planking, suspended by asymmetrical cables: this allows the crossing of the entire … Continue reading »

Korinthos – Railway Bridge


The bridge is part of the railway line that connects Korinthos to Patra and passes over the new road that also connects Korinthos to Patra. The bridge is composed of two spans of 45 metres and a central span of 170 metres. The central span is supported by two rectangular frames that have cables anchored … Continue reading »

Genova – Bridge over Polcevera river


A road bridge with two spans of 50 + 50 metres of 1st category with two lanes. The structure is of cables with mixed steel-concrete planking. The beams, columns and stay beams are made of tubular section composed of S355 steel plates. The protection against corrosion is obtained by galvanizing and painting. Pdf Document Papers: … Continue reading »

Bologna – Footbridge over the Highway A13

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Cycling-pedestrian footbridge over the Padova – Bologna motorway. An arch structure with eliminated pressure of a 100 metre span. The main structure is formed by a closed profile macro trestle composed of steel sheet; a radial system of cables supports the planking bringing the strain to just one point. The pressure originating from the struts … Continue reading »

Casalecchio di Reno – Second footbridge over the river Reno


The new footbridge over the Reno river connects the two banks covering a span of 100 metres. The architectural conception of the work is inspired by the shape of a swan, trying to imitate its lightness and elegance. With this aim, the steel structure has been optimized with various and innovative solutions so as to … Continue reading »

Casalecchio di Reno – First footbridge over the river Reno


A cycling-pedestrian footbridge with about 100 metre span. It is a suspended structure with supporting cables and opposing curvature stabilizers. The planking is supported by rope hangers with painted steel beams shaped as “gondolas”. The anchoring structure is formed by an A shaped trestle of steel tubes and tie beams of galvanized and painted spiral … Continue reading »

Adige – Bridge


Motorway bridge with one 310 metre span and two lanes in each direction. The structure is with cables and mixed steel-concrete planking. The main trestles are made of reinforced concrete while the anchorage heads for the cables are made of steel. Pdf Document

Athens – Footbridge


The span of the planking is 45.5 metres and the width is 6.4 metres. The planking is supported by a system of cables anchored to a variable section 25 metre high pylon and composed of box shaped steel profile. The pylon is across the planking without any type of constraint and is stabilized by two … Continue reading »