Tripoli – Corinthia Hotel


The hotel is located on the Mediterranean coast of Tripoli, in the centre of the business area and near to the cultural centre of the city. The two towers of 100 and 70 metres are joined by a central body with a 40 metre span. Pdf Document

Torino – San Paolo Tower


The tower, whose construction will conclude in 2011, will have 39 floors and a height of 168 metres. The tower has no air conditioning tools as it will be built according to bio-architecture principles with technological solutions able to reduce energy consumption by a third and it will be totally covered with glass and crystal. … Continue reading »

Jesolo – Aquileia Tower


The design of the tower foresees the construction of 84 apartments on 22 floors and 73 metres high, as well as the ground floor (with double height) where there is the hall, some businesses and a cafeteria. The building develops on a symmetrical polygon layout, with lifts and stairs in the central nucleus. The structure … Continue reading »

Bologna – Unipol Tower

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The project regards the redevelopment of a former industrial area, joining the circumferential road and a shopping centre, with the construction of an office tower, a hotel, a cinema multiplex and shopping and services area. The construction of the following is foreseen: – an office tower of over about 13,000 square metres, with 25 floors. … Continue reading »

Bologna – New Civic Offices

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The new building develops over a total surface of 33 thousand square metres and is located behind the central railway station, where there was once a wholesale fruit and vegetable market. With the creation of commercial and service spaces in the area (shops, offices, services and sports facilities), the intervention contributes to the redevelopment of … Continue reading »

Mosca – Acquapark


The building is formed by two overlooking towers that are based at about +107.8 metres and at the top, reach about +279.8 metres, for a total height of 172 metres. There is a single foundation for both towers and is made of a reinforced concrete cellular foundation, directly resting on the ground. The elevation of … Continue reading »