Treviso – Cycle track


The maximum dimensions of the building are 125 metres in length, 64.40 metres in width and about 17 metres in height above ground. The main supporting system is formed by two variable section tubular profile trestles, that are spaced to form a pressure eliminated three hinged arch. The trestles are supported from the vertex by … Continue reading »

Turin – New Juventus Stadium


The stands are constructed with reinforced concrete frames and reinforced concrete or steel step support beams. The groups of frames are made solid by extremely stiff plankings and by the continuity of the beam elements. The hanging system with cables is formed by two pairs of trusses placed on the vertical of the 4 sides … Continue reading »

Salonicco – Olympic Complex


The main structural systems of the complex are: – The roofing system of the main Sport Hall – The roofing system of the Training Hall – The mobile flooring The main structure is formed by a system of steel cables, which divide the construction in two symmetrical parts, giving a uniform and dynamic style to … Continue reading »

Rome – Olympic Stadium


The tension structured system used for the roofing of the Olympic Stadium in Rome is formed by a system of 88flat tension structures with supporting/stabilizing cables and vertical hangers, arranged radially with a maximum distance of 12 metres. The external cables are anchored by adjustable devices, that correspond to the nodes of a ring-shaped reticular … Continue reading »

Pesaro – Sport Hall


A multi-purpose complex that besides sporting events, is used for concerts and musical events, due to its excellently enhanced sound features. In the conceptual design of the structure, the following synthetic decisions were made: – use of a strong longitudinal structural system, comprising a spatial reticular arch, hinged to the imposts, and pressure eliminated by … Continue reading »

Ohita (Japan) – Stadium


The project foresees an innovative mobile roofing. Unlike the conventional movement systems used for converting large sports areas, the Ohita roofing has been designed to have multi-purpose uses; as football stadiums are essentially “open” and rarely used closed (only in cases of bad weather conditions) the design foresees the use of the roofing also in … Continue reading »

Modena – Stadium Roof


The structures are of tubular shaped metal pillars on which variable sectioned l curve beams are set, onto which are arranged the supporting seats for the prefabricated steps. Sabre shaped beams that support the roof (by means of struts, tie beams and braces), these also made of welded plates to form an l curved section … Continue reading »

Livorno – Sports Hall


The main roofing structure is formed by 24 meridian arches, arranged with radial symmetry at consistent inter-axis with 15° central angle, and by six parallel arches arranged about every 8° azimuth. The average roofing surface is similar to a spherical radius of about 70 metres and a 29 metre arrow vertex. At 14 metres from … Continue reading »

Larisa – Stadium


Steel structures of Larisa stadium roof are formed by couples of plane-truss cantilevers. Distance between the plane-trusses is 4.7m and the step of couples is (9.4m+4.7m) = 14.1m. Each couple of main trusses is internal braced and is connected in the joints of lower layer by transversal posts and diagonals. Each North/South truss has a … Continue reading »

Braga – Stadium roof


The geometry of the Stadium is made clear in the rigorous reinforced concrete structure of the two central stands. The body of the steps is cut by three circular section tunnels allowing people to cross. The roofing of the stands has been constructed by using two laminar slabs of reinforced concrete, with a 25 cm … Continue reading »

Bologna – Carmen Longo Swimmingpool

014 Cantiere

The conceptual design was developed in order to optimize the design requirements and to comply with the existing architectural constraints. A typological solution was adopted of a retractable roof consisting of the following steel sub structures: – a main support longitudinal beam; – a system of transversal reinforced beams; – a system of mobile and … Continue reading »

Athens – Olympiacos FC Stadium


The steel structure is composed of a stand on the highest level and its global roofing system which is supported by a 6.44 metre Reinforced Concrete element that surrounds the entire stadium. The steel structure is essentially constructed with the following components: – Step support beams, spaced with 6 metre constant pitch – Structure of … Continue reading »

Athens – Sports Hall

Vista esterna del palazzo dello sport di Atene

The circular building has a diameter of about 114m. The roofing is composed of a double curvature tension structure, network cables having in plan, a 4×4 m grid. The cable structure, or the suspended roofing, consisits of an orthogonal mesh network, whose saddle surface has a total negative curvature with shape similar to a hyperbolic … Continue reading »

Adige – Bridge


Motorway bridge with one 310 metre span and two lanes in each direction. The structure is with cables and mixed steel-concrete planking. The main trestles are made of reinforced concrete while the anchorage heads for the cables are made of steel. Pdf Document

Athens – Footbridge


The span of the planking is 45.5 metres and the width is 6.4 metres. The planking is supported by a system of cables anchored to a variable section 25 metre high pylon and composed of box shaped steel profile. The pylon is across the planking without any type of constraint and is stabilized by two … Continue reading »

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