Sassuolo – Footbridge over the river Secchia

The work in question is structured as a 5 span cable stayed bridge, 3 with spans of 40 metres and two of 20 metres, for a total of 160 metres, supported by 4 intermediate yards and by two extremity shoulders. The larger spans are supported, near the centre line, by 2 sets of cables, each afferent to one of the adjacent yards. The yards are planimetrically positioned, in an alternating manner (left-right) compared to the planking; that is, besides architecturally characterizing the work, they give more stiffness to the horizontal floor. The planking is supported by a reticular spatial structure, formed by a lower and two upper currents, as well as the connecting diagonal elements; the frameworks of the reticular are made of tubular metal elements. Above the mentioned reticular structure, secondary frameworks are positioned to support the planking – walkway.

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2010 – Passerella sul fiume Secchia (Inarcos)