Bologna – New Civic Offices

The new building develops over a total surface of 33 thousand square metres and is located behind the central railway station, where there was once a wholesale fruit and vegetable market. With the creation of commercial and service spaces in the area (shops, offices, services and sports facilities), the intervention contributes to the redevelopment of the area that is reunited with the city by the reconstruction of the caesura formed by the railway track and the market wall.

The design concept is to divide a single mass into three distinct blocks destined for different uses. The three blocks of different heights – 12, 10 and 8 floors – are joined by a folding sunscreen roof, an entrance hall developed on four floors and a new sloping public area.

The most connoting element of the design is the large sunscreen roof that folds like a giant “origami”, placed on various buildings and overlooking a panoramic terrace. A real “sun screener”, the roof has the double function of protecting from the sun and giving a sense of architectural cohesion to the complex.

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2009 – La nuova sede del comune di Bologna il progetto strutturale