Athens – Hangar Olympic Airways

The parallel 300 m longitudinally oriented twin trusses, supported on three main transversal box girders, are positioned with a relative separation of 9,115 m. The trusses have a parabolic curved top flange, with a height varying from 3,5 meters at the ends to 12,5 meters at the center, and a bottom horizontal flange (fig.3). The upper chord geometry facilitates the rain drainage.

Two couples of twin trusses are then both connected, with vertical and horizontal bracings, in order to finally obtain a self out of plane stabilizing space frame.

Five reticular space frames, forming the principal structural system (fig.4), are supported on transversal oriented frames formed by 4 box-section concrete columns and a steel box-section continuous beams, with three spans 27,5 meters each (85 meters long), positioned along the two lateral gable walls and the axis of symmetry of the Hangar.

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2001 – The Olympic Airways Hangar at the new Athens International Airport