Bologna – New Exhibition Hall 14-15

Pavilions 14-15 are situated north-west of the Bologna fair area, with the aim of making this area a comparable size to an average fair area (over 60,000 m2). They are directly connected to pavilions 19-20 and 16-18 to form a single large exhibition space.

The connection allows the use of space and facilities already present in pavilions 16-18: restaurant, multi-purpose area for offices and/or conferences. From a structural point of view pavilion 14-15 is configured with:

1) A central body with a near square layout (88.00 x 95.70 metres ) and planking at a height of + 1200 metres. The roofing of the building is a reticular spatial reinforced with cables.

2) The south entrance.

3) The north entrance.

4) The connections to pavilions 19-20 and adjacent 16-18.

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2008 – Nuovo padiglione 14-15 il sistema strutturale

2010 – Nuovo padiglione 14-15 della fiera di Bologna sistema strutturale e procedimento costruttivo