Bologna – New Exhibition Hall 18

The geometrical configuration of pavilion 18 in the layout is characterized by a central rectangular body (body C), with external dimensions of 100 metres according to the longitudinal axis (direction E-O) and 84 metres according to the transversal axis, in which body A is inserted (52m x 48m rectangular shape) on the east fa├žade and body B (44m x 48m rectangular shape) corresponding with the north-west corner.

The structural-architectural project conception of central body C foresees the adoption of a main structural system formed by 4 statically independent spatial frameworks, arranged transversally at consistent 24 metre inter-axis.

The structural systems, thus formed, are all inter-connected in a longitudinal direction according to a Gerber type plan so as to be elastically and thermally correlated in order to minimize short-circuiting, the possible consequences of a structural collapse caused by unpredictable extreme accidental actions

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2005 – I padiglioni espositivi P16-18 della Fiera di Bologna