Rome – New High Speed Station Tiburtina

The main structure is formed by a reticular spatial with layout dimensions of 340 metres longitudinally and 52 metres transversally.

Corresponding with the longitudinal extremities the height of the reticular is gradually reduced from 3.6 metres to about 0 metres according to a double split profile.

The reticular finds support in 20 points: on columns standing out from the +9.00m height of the existing bridge structure, new columns standing out from the height of -4.50m or on the reinforced concrete elements of the stairs body, lifts and service lift bodies.

The main reticular keeps 8 particular structures called “Suspended volumes” suspended by tubular hangers; they are composed of planking made of both steel and timber and a roofing of a steel tubular structure. Given the particular shape of the volumes, the roofing structure is connected vertically to the supporting hangers by a vertical regulation system that ensures, during mounting, the final correct position; the profiles of the roofing must then be fixed to the hangers so that no relative horizontal movements are made.

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