Ohita (Japan) – Stadium

The project foresees an innovative mobile roofing. Unlike the conventional movement systems used for converting large sports areas, the Ohita roofing has been designed to have multi-purpose uses; as football stadiums are essentially “open” and rarely used closed (only in cases of bad weather conditions) the design foresees the use of the roofing also in an “open” position for social and exhibition events.

The main structures are made of two 300 metre long arches positioned over the rectilinear stands. The fixed part of the roofing is obtained by using transversal beams, placed between the arches and the structures of the stands.

The middle area, which can be opened, has a span of about 110 metres and is made of spatial beams , covered by PTFE membrane.

The movement system is rack and pinion and has appropriate locking devices.

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