Rome – Olympic Stadium

The tension structured system used for the roofing of the Olympic Stadium in Rome is formed by a system of 88flat tension structures with supporting/stabilizing cables and vertical hangers, arranged radially with a maximum distance of 12 metres. The external cables are anchored by adjustable devices, that correspond to the nodes of a ring-shaped reticular spatial structure; inside they are connected to a tensioned inside ring.

Depending on the state of stress and deformation, the flat tension structures have been sized differently and joined in two groups. The arrangement of a secondary support of the roof covering is joined to the radial arrangement of the flat tension structures. The beams are made of a reticular frame and are suspended at the level of the stabilizing cables and secured by a simple support. The roof covering, supported and connected to the extrados of the parallel tubular secondary beams, is formed by a glass fibre membrane, coated with con P.T.F.E.

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1990 – Stadio olimpico 90 una copertura sospesa

1992 – Wind response of a large tensile structure the new roof of the Olimpic Stadium in Rome

Descrizione stadio Olimpico da Libro di Majowiecki _Tensostrutture progetto e verifica_

2011 – IASS – Structural Maintenance of the Tension Structure Roof – Rome Olympic Stadium