Salonicco – Olympic Complex

The main structural systems of the complex are:

- The roofing system of the main Sport Hall

- The roofing system of the Training Hall

- The mobile flooring

The main structure is formed by a system of steel cables, which divide the construction in two symmetrical parts, giving a uniform and dynamic style to the whole building. The two sub-structures are formed by large concrete anchorage blocks and a group of reticular cable beams. The transversal beams are supported externally by cement structures, while on the inside they hang from the central tension structure by a special pendulum. The structural system of the roof is formed by a longitudinal pre-tensioned cable frame system; a system of pre-tensioned beams and a system of longitudinal system of sheet roofing.

The roofing system of the Training Hall is formed by a double layer steel structure supported by a cable system.

The flooring, made mobile by hydraulic jacks, can assume a double vertical displacement, to meet the different needs of the public of the various disciplines.

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