Turin – New Juventus Stadium

The stands are constructed with reinforced concrete frames and reinforced concrete or steel step support beams. The groups of frames are made solid by extremely stiff plankings and by the continuity of the beam elements.

The hanging system with cables is formed by two pairs of trusses placed on the vertical of the 4 sides of the football pitch and supported in each one of the 4 vertex nodes, by a group of high resistant steel closed spiral cables (4 x diam 105 vertex group). These groups of internal cables converge in pairs on the top of an upturned V trestle with a base of about 45 metres and height of about 84 metres and continue in a group of 6 x diam 105 external cables that is anchored on the ground.

A special thanks to Ing. Stefano Neri for the kind concession of  the photos.

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2010 – IABSE – The new Juventus Stadium in Turin

2011 – The structural architecture of the new Juventus stadium

2011 – The suspended roof of the new Juventus Stadium in Turin