New Exhibition Center Portello "Cometa"

Milan - 2008-2010

The project of the International Conference Centre regards the conversion of the exhibition spaces used in the Milan City Fair (pavilions 5 and 6) in a space for the integrated conferences with the already existing adjacent Conference Centre.

The new Conference Centre will hold 18.000 people, with an auditorium, able to hold 1500 people and a conference hall for 4000 people. On the outside, the building will be covered with a reticular spatial structure (called “comet”) that supports pierced aluminium panels and bright strips powered by photovoltaic panels.

During the design, the problem of integrating the new structures with those existing was dealt with, keeping in mind the seismic action based on Italian standard DM 2008.

The plenary hall, auditorium and the comet have all been made with double layer reticular spatial structures, constrained to the existing reinforced concrete pavilions.

Accessory steel or reinforced concrete structures have been constructed with emergency stairs , exits, lifts and access ramps for cars and pedestrians.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural detail design and structural working project
Ente Sistema Fiera Milano
Cost of the project
50.000.000 €



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