Race center in Treviso

Treviso - 1999

This building is maximum 125m length, 64.40m width and about 17m height above ground.

The main supporting system is composed by two variable tubular section profile trestles, that are spaced in order to form a three hinged arch with ereased pressure.

The trestles are supported from the vertex by a highly resistant cable tie beam and a reticular spatial suspended beam.

Secondary reinforced beams are connected to the external reinforced concrete structures and lie on the extrados of the longitudinal reticular beam; they are transversally arranged with 6 metre inter-axis and are about 30m span.

Roofing is supported by the perimeter of the reinforced concrete transversal frames, spaced with the same inter-axis of the secondary beams.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural detail design
8 000 m2
Cost of the project
10.330.000 €


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