Sport Hall in Pesaro

Pesaro - 1997

It is multi-purpose complex that besides sporting events, is used for concerts and musical events, due to its excellently enhanced sound features.

In the conceptual design of the structure, the following synthetic decisions were made:
  • use of a strong longitudinal structural system, comprising a spatial reticular arch, hinged to the imposts, and pressure eliminated by using a tie beam of pre-stressed reinforced concrete;
  • use of two lateral substructures formed by arched beams, placed transversally with consistent inter-axis, with fixed support at the base (corresponding with the reinforced concrete structure) and sliding support, positioned in correspondence to the extrados of the main arch;
  • use of a bracing and lateral stabilizing system made of pre-stressed galvanized spiral cables;
  • use of a mixed ventilated roofing system of pre-painted corrugated sheets and polyester membrane and double Tedlar curvature with high pre-stressing.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural preliminary design, structural final design, structural detail design
Pesaro Municipality
36 645 m2
Cost of the project
22.207.646 €



Costruzione palazzo dello sport di Pesaro

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