Termini high speed railway station

Rome - 2011

This project concrens with a parking plate inside the railway station of Termini, in Rome.

This concrete plate is inside the trails zone, with a direct access from Marsala street. It is a 80m x 176 m plate on 3 level whose porpose is parking.

In order to minimize the huge work on trails in order to cast foundations, it has been designed few number of columns, whose span is about 36m.

This solution allows to be coherent with the external platform roof, whose columns have an inner span of 12m.

In this way the existent platform roof underwent to small quantity of works, since the only work needed was the one which allow the new columns to pass through the platform roof itself.

The new roof is in the backword of the main existing building and it is 184m x 48.7m.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural detail design
Italferr SpA
Cost of the project
62.000.000 €


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