Water Park Roof

Moscow - 2001

The building is composed by two overlooking towers that are based at about +107.8m and at the top, reach about +279.8m, for a total height of 172 metres. There is a single foundation for both towers and it is made of a reinforced concrete cellular foundation, directly lying on the ground. The main structure of the two towers is made by reinforced concrete; bracing action is accomplished by centres composed of parting walls, made integral to the other supporting elements (beams and pillars) from the floor slabs. The central part that develops until the height of about +166.2m is made by steel columns filled with concrete, except for some portions of the planking in the part that overlooks the water park, made of a reticular spatial structure. Between the heights of +189.47m and +200.72m, three metal structured plankings are placed, creating a “bridge” between the two towers: the connection of the “sail” of the roofing of the water park is foreseen under the first of these plankings, that here, joins in horizontal direction.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural detail design
Gazprom Mosca
Cost of the project
180.760.000 €


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