Moscow - 2001

The designed project is made by two 172m height twin towers, a steel pedestrian bridge connecting them and the steel roof cover of the aquapark made by a double layer spatial truss.

The towers have a single slab on ground foundation and their structural main system is a concrete-steel structure (steel columns filled by concrete, steel beams working with concrete slabs), where the windbracing function is done by concrete cores.

The dome geometry has been obtained by the creation of two omothetic surfaces, using a longitudinal elliptical shape with 102.6m length axes and 23.3m height and a transversal ellipsys. With a subdivision of 2m each, it has been created a spatial geometry with a tetrahedrical elementary modulus, that follow the pseudo-elliptical surface.

The structural elements are two only: Nodes and Trusses.

Performed service
Final structural design
Gazprom Mosca
Structural work cost
180.760.000 €


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