Massimo Majowiecki

Professor Majowiecki main task is wide-span enclosures and unconventional structural system design, from conceptual to working design phases. Professor Majowiecki know-how & know-why expertise guarantee the reliability of design and construction process.

Massimo Majowiecki graduated in Civil Engineering in 1969 at Bologna University, winning U.I.S.A.A. first prize for the best Italian thesis, from which it was already clear his great interest in tensile structures. In 1978 Massimo Majowiecki established an office for structural engineering in Bologna (MJW Structures) that designed a remarkable number of projects in the next decades.

Professor Majowiecki worked as expertise and designer for many international projects over the years, while he also developed research programs, attending the most world-wide prestigious international conference; his major contribution to scientific community is about wide-span enclosures, tensile structure and unconventional structural system design.
These activities have been carried out together with his teaching career. He has been associated professor at Structural Engineering department at Bologna University from 1970 to 1974, teaching Unconventional Structures course. From 2001 to 2010 he has been Structural Architecture professor at IUAV Venice University and in 2008 he received architecture degree honoris causea at Trieste University.

Prof. Eng. Massimo Majowiecki

Massimo Majowiecki has always paid great attention to each design phase during his professional career: from general layout to construction detail. Furthermore, thanks to his non-stop research of construction system that face both structural, functional, aesthetic and economic needs, he has been awarded many prizes. He was awarded ACAI prize for the Roof of the New Sport Hall in Athens in 1985 and for the Roof of the New Sport Hall in Pesaro in 1993. He won the European Award for Steel Structures for New “Delle Alpi” Stadium design in 1991 and for “New Exhibition Hall n.19-20 in Bologna Exhibition district” design in 1999. In 2010 he was awarded Torroja Medal and joined Thin Shells Hall of fame in 2015.

Among Massimo Majowiecki main designs:

Having designed more than two hundred constructions, both in Italy and abroad, Prof. Eng. Majowiecki earned a great deal of expertise, which represents the foundation of Majowiecki’s experience–based, synthetic, conceptual design approach.

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