Athene Sport Hall

Athens - 1983 - 1987

This 15’000 seats sport hall has a planar shape of a mirrored truncated cone; this geometry has been obtained after several studies and possible solutions to solve spectators visibility issues.

This circular 144m diameter building has a cover roof structure made by a double curvature tensile structure built up by a cable net with a 4m x 4m path, whose saddle surface has a total negative curvature, with a shape very near to a hyperbolic parboiloid.

The cables that support the 75mm height steel corrugated sheet are fixed to the annular edge box section prestressed concrete structure, that is supported by 32 prestressed concrete tripods.

Performed service
Final structural design of the roof
Athletic General Secretariat
1983 - 1987
Dimensional parameters
15 000 Seats
10.207smq covered
Structural work cost
3.000.000 €



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