Exhibition Halls 14 and 15

Bologna - 2006 - 2008

Pavilions 14 and 15 have been erected in North-West zone of Bologna Exhibition neighbourhood in order to have a medium exhibition centre neighbourhood dimension (more than 60’000mq).
These pavilions are connected to pavilions 19-20 and 16-18 to provide a huge unique exhibition space. The connection allows to use pavilion 16-18 spaces and services: restaurant, multi-purpose area for offices and congress meetings. From the structural point of view pavilions 14 and 15 is made by a multi purpose area (88 x 95.7 m square plan), a deck at +12m level with a roof made by a spatial truss beam reinforced with cable and the South entrance.

Performed service

Tender, preliminar and final structural design

Bologne Fiere S.p.a.
2006 - 2008
Dimensional parameters
Plan 88.0m x 95.7m
8.420smq covered
Structural work cost
55.500.000 €



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