Exhibition Halls 19 and 20

Bologna - 1995 - 1996

Pavilion 19-20 is a two storey building with 24mx24m column path and 64m long beams in roof structure.

The transversal 65m length reinforced beams are supported by the tower-comlumns at 21.45m level.

They are made by steel box beams (upper chord) got from 2 HEAA 900 and reinforced in the vertical plane with 6 zinc-coated 42mm diameter high resistance steel cables.

The vertical elements are made with HEAA280 steel section, arranged in the plane of the truss, with a V shape.

The total height of each truss is almost 10% of the net length of the beam itself, while the vertical elements distance is 24m.

Performed service
Tender, preliminar and final structural design
Bologna Fiere SpA
1995 - 1996
Dimensional parameters
Plan 76m x 180m
13.680smq covered
Structural work cost
28.405.129 €



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