Exhibition Halls 29 and 30

Bologna - 2017 - 2018

The designed structures are included inside the re-development intervention of North-Eastern area of exhibition neighborhood in Bologna.

The new structural system can be subdivided into 4 main structures: Pavilion 29, Pavilion 30, Multifunctional building, the Mall.

Pavilions 29 and 30 are one-storey buildings whose dimensions are respectively 68.80m x 112.50m e 81.20m x 173.00m; the first one is developed along North-South axis, while the second one lies on East-West direction.

The Multifunctional building is the two-storey building in the North-East corner of the project, whose main purposes will be restaurant and meeting room (with a plant room on the roof).

The “Mall” is a covered surface between pavilions and multifunctional building. Part of it should be composed by a pedestrian path at +6.20m level.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural final design
2017 - 2018
103 000 m2
Structural work cost
33.000.000 €



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