Footbridge between 21 and 24 exhibition halls

Bologna - 2004 - 2005

This 88m x 13.5m building is the pedestrian path between pavilions 21 and 22 and pavilions 23 and 24.

It is made by a deck at +6.00m level and a roof cover at +14.00m level. It has been designed an underground level to host services and plants areas.

The main structure is made by two longitudinal truss beams supported by 4+4 columns (steel CHS 914mmx20mm filled by concrete) each 24m; in this way each truss beam would have 3 internal 24m spans and 2 cantilever 8m length spans.

Performed service

Final structural design

Finanziaria Bologna Metropolitana
2004 - 2005
Dimensional parameters
Total Span 24m
Structural work cost
4.000.000 €


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