Footbridge over Secchia River

Sassuolo - 2007 - 2009

This 5 spans (three 40m length spans and two 20m length spans) Cabled stayed bridge is 160m long and it is cable stayed to 4 intermediate pylons and 2 approaches.

The longest spans are hanged in their midpoint by 2 triplets of cables (each one connected to the adjacent pylon). The 4 pylons are alternated with respect to the deck from the planar point of view; this fact is a peculiar architectural feature of the bridge, but it also allows to give an higher stiffener to the structure in the horizontal plane. The deck is supported by a spatial structural truss, made by a lower chord, two upper chords and diagonal elements. Secondary beams are supported by the previous mentioned main truss; these beams main aim is to support the planking level.

Technical Sheet
Performed service
Tender, preliminar and final structural and architectural design
Provincial Administration of Modena
2007 - 2009
Dimensional parameters
5 Span with length 20m - 40m - 40m - 40m - 20m
Structural work cost
1.020.000 €



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