Footbridge over the river Secchia

Sassuolo - 2007-2009

The footbridge over Secchia is a 5 span cable stayed bridge, 3 with spans of 40 metres and two of 20 metres, for a total of 160 metres, supported by 4 intermediate yards and by two extremity shoulders.

The larger spans are supported, near the centre line, by 2 sets of cables, each afferent to one of the adjacent yards.

The yards are planimetrically positioned, in an alternating manner (left-right) compared to the planking; in this way, besides architecturally characterizing the work, they give more stiffness to the horizontal floor.

The planking is supported by a reticular spatial structure, formed by a lower and two upper currents, as well as the connecting diagonal elements; the frameworks of the reticular are made of tubular metal elements.

Above the mentioned reticular structure, secondary frameworks are positioned to support the planking – walkway.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural and architectural preliminary design, Structural and architectural final design, Structural and architectural detail design
Modena District Management
Dimensional parameters
Total Span 160m
Cost of the project
1.020.000 €



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