Hercilio Luz Bridge

Florianopolis - 2016

The initial analysis condition of the bridge represents the monitored configuration on May 2016, when the deck has been removed and deck beams and cable were still present, only.

Numerical simulation main aim was to represent stress in structural elements configuration and bridge geometry, in each maintenance phase condition (which may differ one from an other for the applied loads).

Calculation Model provided by MJW Structures has been developed by using RETE software, that is specialized in tensile-structures shape research, whose results have been managed with TENSO software, that is specialized in non-linear structural analysis for structures and tensile-structures in big displacements regime, re- defynig the geometry step by step.

Technical Sheet
Performed service

Final structural design cunsultant

Dimensional parameters
Total Span 340m
Structural work cost
30.000.000 €


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