Marco Polo Stadium

Venice - 1999

Marco Polo Stadium covers a 42’000mq area with retractable roof structure.
The main structural system is made by:

  • Huge span main longitudinal arches (that are the main bearing structure of the system);
  • Lateral grandstands cover, which cover the grandstands area, even the external edge and the longitudinal arch. These are truss beams with a circular arrangement, with radial warping.;
  • Central cover with panels. There can be two panels types: mixed or movable (corresponding to the field area 90x110m). These structures are spatial trusses with H profiles. The “driving mechanism” to allow a retractable movement has been proper designed and dimensioned.
  • Membrane cover panels.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Tender structural design
Impresa Mazzi SpA
Dimensional parameters
30.000 Seats
Structural work cost
62.000.000 €



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