Modigliani Forum

Livorno - 1997

The roof cover structure is made by 24 meridian arches arranged with radial symmetry at constant pitch, with an angle at the center of 15° (in plan) and 6 parallel arches arranged each 8°. The mean cover surface is almost a spherical cap with 70m radius and 29m deflection.

At 14m level from reference level 0.00 a prestressed cable ring made by 3 high resistance steel 42mm diameter cables has been provided

The arches are directly supported by the foundation and restrained by cylindrical hinges made by steel.

The cover is a composite system of zinc-coated and painted corrugated steel sheets, such to overcome (without any secondary beam system) the 12m spans between the arches.

Performed service
Tender structural design
Livorno Municipality
Dimensional parameters
Circular plan with radius 70m
10.000mq covered
Structural work cost
5.690.000 €


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