New stadium roof AEK

Atene - 2017

The steel structures of the roof of AEK Stadium are composed by four Main Reticular Beams (MRBs or main trusses) parallel to the ground, suspended at the ends to the reinforced concrete Pylons.

Main truss span is about 132m (long main trusses) and 86m (short main trusses) length. Cross section has triangular shape with one upper straight chord and two curved lower chords.

Height at mid span is 6.0m and 4.0m (referred to chords center lines). Lower chords are braced by transverse and diagonal elements.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural preliminary design, structural final design, structural detail design of the steel roof
AEK Atene football club
Dimensional parameters
32 000 Seats
12 000 m2 covered area
Cost of the project
130.000.000 €


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