Olympiakos Stadium

Athene - 2004

The steel structure is composed by a stand on the highest level and its global roof system which is supported by a 6.44 m Reinforced Concrete element that surrounds the entire stadium.

The steel structure is essentially constructed with the following components:
  • Step support beams, spaced with 6 metre constant pitch
  • Structure of main roof, consisting of 14 large cantilevers arranged on the same vertical plane of the step support beams; each cantilever is formed by a spatial reticular macro and balanced by a vertical pillar that reaches the ground.
  • Secondary roof structure, consisting of rectangular section beams arranged radially.
  • Roof coverage membrane, made by panels, composed of polyester and highly resistant PVDF, double curvature and pre-stressed.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural detail design
Karaiskaki S.A.
Dimensional parameters
34 000 Seats
32 000 m2
Cost of the project
60.000.000 €



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