People Mover Pedestrian Bridge

Bologna - 2018 - 2019

Pedestrian Bridge structure starts from +42.58m level at Aerostation and ends at +45.48m level at the Peple Mover slab, with a constant slope. Furthermore, it is a 65m span bridge (at longitunial axes) with a 5m clear width.

The main structure is made up truss beams along the longitudinal axes. Both far ends of the structure are inclined, thus the main beams are 71m and 60m length. The deck is build up by steel corrugated sheet with a concrete slab working together; this slab is linked to the main deck beams by proper omega profiles. The deck has horizontal rod windbracing.

The three header are made by two steel plates and two steel webs, which build up a welded rectangular cross section with variable height.

Technical Sheet
Performed service

Tender, preliminary and final structural design. Building site support.

Open Project
2018 - 2019
Dimensional parameters
2 span with length 21m and 31m
Structural work cost
581.000 €


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