Swan river pedestrian bridge - Matagarup bridge

Perth - 2015-2016

The bridge is formed by three steel arches and three cable stayed steel decks. The geometry of the steel arches follow the free form shape designed by the architects. The total length of the bridge is about 400[m] with a central span of 144[m] and the two lateral of 84[m].

Each arch is formed by four legs, supported by concrete piers. The first and last steel arches have approximately a 84m free span and 36m height above the water level. The central arch has a 144m free span and 75m height above the water level. The main arches are connected at the top by an hinge joint that allow a rotation in the longitudinal plan but ensure a rigid connection in the transversal plan.

In the apex of the main arches there are two cantilever part of the structure of about 25[m] length.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural preliminary design, structural final design, structural detail design
York Rizzani Joint Venture
Dimensional parameters
Total Span 400m
Cost of the project
40.000.000 €




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