Tower of Pisa cable stayed support system

Pisa - 1996

The work was carried out by the committee responsible for the consolidation and restoration work on the Tower of Pisa.

The stays consist of high resistance steel cables, configured in accordance with the counter-curve tensile structure layout.

The stays are able to transmit a maximum effort of 1600 kN to the Tower, generated by a drawing system made up of lead weights and oil-pneumatic drivers, wich are nitrogen compensated to guarantee constant effort.

The effort of the stays is transmitted to the tower using the nucleus of the tower itself as a return seat of 6+6 cables wich divide up the drawing force reaching very modest contact pressure values with the masonry surface.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Tender, preliminary anda final Structural Design
Committee for strengthening and reliability of Tower of Pisa
Structural work cost
1.810.000 €



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