Aquileia Tower

Jesolo - 2004-2009

The design of the tower foresees the construction of 84 apartments on 22 floors and 73 metres high, as well as the ground floor (with double height) where there is the hall, some businesses and a cafeteria.

The building develops on a symmetrical polygon layout, with lifts and stairs in the central cores.

The structure of the façade is suspended by the roofing, consisting of a system of crossed “sails”, which when lit, become a point of orientation at night.

A specially designed sliding intertwining mesh protects the terraces from the sun and provides a glimpse of the windows of the apartments, giving lightness to the Tower.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural preliminary design, structural final design, structural detail design
Boldrin SpA
10 000 m2
Cost of the project
45.000.000 €


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