High speed railway Terminal «Tiburtina»

Rome - 2005 - 2008

The main structure is made by a 340m x52m spatial truss. At the longitudinal ends this truss height decreases from 3.6m to 0m following a double spliced profile.

This structure is supported in 20 points by: columns at +9.00m level of existing bridge structure, new columns at -4.50m level, concrete cores.

This structures hangs with hanging tubular elements 8 peculiar structures named “Suspended Volumes”. These structures are made by a steel and wood deck and a steel CHS profile cover.

Due to their peculiar shape, the cover structure is vertically connected to the vertical rods with a vertical regulation system that allows to got the correct position during erection; roof cover profile should then be fixed to the hanging rods in order to avoid any relative horizontal displacement.

Performed service
Tender, preliminar and final structural design
Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane
2005 - 2008
17.680smq covered
Structural work cost
158.000.000 €



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