Ohita Stadium

Ohita - 1998

This unconventional retractable roof design has been developed in order to allow a multi-purpose sport hall. Football fields are usually “open” and not often fully closed (in limit climatic conditions, only). This retractable roof has been designed in order to use it even in the “open” configuration, using it as the cover of the outside space for exhibitions or social events.

The main structure is made by two 300m span arches over the linear grandstands. The fixed part of the structure is get by using transversal beams and grandstands structures.

The intermediate 110m length retractable zone is made by spatial trusses covered by PTFE membrane.

The designed movement system is rack and pinion type, with proper security systems (locking devices).

Technical Sheet
Performed service
Tender structural design
Kajima Corporation Ohita Japan
Dimensional parameters
35.000 Seats
Structural work cost
120.000.000 €


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