Olympic Stadium

Rome - 1990

The tension structured system used for the roofing of the Olympic Stadium in Rome is formed by a system of 88flat tension structures with supporting/stabilizing cables and vertical hangers, arranged radially with a maximum distance of 12 metres.

The external cables are anchored by adjustable devices, that correspond to the nodes of a ring-shaped reticular spatial structure; inside they are connected to a tensioned inside ring.

Depending on the state of stress and deformation, the flat tension structures have been sized differently and joined in two groups. The arrangement of a secondary support of the roof covering is joined to the radial arrangement of the flat tension structures.

The beams are made of a reticular frame and are suspended at the level of the stabilizing cables and secured by a simple support.

The roof covering, supported and connected to the extrados of the parallel tubular secondary beams, is formed by a glass fibre membrane, coated with con P.T.F.E.
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural and architectural preliminary design, Structural and architectural final design, Structural and architectural detail design
Dimensional parameters
85 000 Seats
50 000 m2
Cost of the project
80.000.000 €




1990 - Stadio Olimpico - Intervista Prof. Majowiecki

Stadio Olimpico - Modello matematico

Costruzione Stadio Olimpico Roma

Galleria del vento stadio Olimpico

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