Panathinaikos Stadium Roof

Athens - 2008

The new stadium of Panathinaikos F.C., a historic Greek football club, will be constructed in Votanikos, Athens, Greece and will have the ability to host approximately 40.000 spectators, with its granstands being completely covered. The grandstand structures will be made of reinforced concrete and the roof of structural steel.

The stadium has a circular plan view with an external diameter of 210m. The diagonals of the playing field divide the structure in four sectors, which are named accordingly North, South, East and West. In the East and West sectors and parallel to the playing field’s longitudinal axis the “large grandstand areas” are thus defined, while in the North and South sectors, behind the goalposts, the “small grandstand areas” are defined. In each “large” area, three structurally independent buildings will be constructed, E1, E2 and E3 in the East sector and W1, W2 and W3 in the West sector. In each “small” area, two structurally independent buildings are foreseen, N1, N2 in the North sector and S1, S2 in the South sector.

At the four corners of the stadium, four reinforced concrete pylons will be constructed, which are structurally independent from the grandstand buildings. The total roof structure consists of four independent parts, each of which is supported on a main space truss-girder and on the perimeter columns of the upper building levels. The four main trusses are simply supported on the four reinforced concrete pylons arrayed at the stadium corners.

In accordance with the overall cylindrical shape of the roof, the two “large” main trusses are archshaped, while the two “small” ones have horizontal upper cords. Due to the arch action of the “large” main trusses as well as the seismic loading situations, significant horizontal forces are applied from the steel roof at the pylons’ tops, thus large sections are required for the pylons’ walls, and a stiff pile foundation is provided for each pylon.
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