Bologna - 2006-2009

The project regards the re-development of a former industrial area, joining the circumferential road and a shopping centre, with the construction of an office tower, a hotel, a cinema multiplex and shopping and services area.

The construction of the following is foreseen:
  • an office tower of over about 13,000 square metres, with 25 floors. It is about 120 metres high on a triangular layout, having about 520 square metres of useful surface on each floor with 5 internal lifts and a service lift, with a plant design integrated into the system of façades making each single floor independent;
  • a Cinema Multiplex of about 7400 square metres with 14 film theatres that hold a total of 3100 people;
  • a hotel of about 6000 square metres that develop in two bodies at different heights arranged around a central pivot;
  •  a grid, for about 2800 square metres of small business units, public establishments and services;
  •  about 2000 square metres of fitness centre,
  • 30,000 square metres of parking space
Technical Sheet
Performed service
Structural preliminary design, structural final design, structural detail design
Unifimm s.r.l.
45 000 m2
Cost of the project
62.000.000 €



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